Fire King Fireproof Legal File




FIREPROOF INSULATION is 100% gypsum, reinforced by a 1” by 2” lattice made of
14-gauge galvanized welded steel wire, providing complete peace of mind from fi re,
impact, or explosion.
FIELD REPLACEABLE STEEL PANELS can easily be replaced in the event that any panel is
FINISH is an environmentally-friendly electrostatic powder coating applied to all
sides, including bottom. The fi nish is scratch-resistant, providing a lifetime quality
appearance. Standard colors available include: parchment, tan, taupe, brown, black,
sand, champagne, platinum, and pewter.
DRAWER BODIES are built with high sides for use with hanging folders – no additional
frames are needed. Each fi le includes 1 follower block per drawer.
DRAWER SUSPENSIONS are maintenance free.
DRAWER LOCKS are UL®-listed Medeco high-security key locks.
DRAWER PULLS are surface mounted to allow for extra insulation inside the drawer
INSULATION BETWEEN ALL DRAWERS makes each drawer a separate insulated
WATER RESISTANCE means fi les are designed to prevent water damage resulting from
sprinklers and fi re hoses.
2-POSITION DRAWER CATCH allows access to certain drawers while others remain
DRAWER HEADS are formed of welded steel and fi lled with fi reproof insulation, and are
fi eld replaceable.
models carry the 1-Hour Class 350 Fire with Impact UL label. Tests include 1 hour
exterior fi re exposure at 1700°F, a 2000°F explosion test, and a 30 foot drop to test
impact integrity.
OPTIONAL UPGRADES are available to enhance your file’s appearance or functionality.
Upgrades available include custom color fi nishes, standard lock options, casters,
and interior options such as hanging folder frames, document inserts, trays, and inner
FIRE KING’S LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on all mechanical or operable parts.
Associated labor costs will be paid by FireKing for two years from the date of
purchase. If your FireKing fi le sustains any damage while protecting documents from
a fire, Fire King will replace the file free of charge. For more details visit


Exterior Dimension Height:

52 3/4″
Exterior Dimension Width:

20 13/16″
Exterior Dimension Depth:

31 9/16″
Exterior Dimension Metric Height:

1340 mm
Exterior Dimension Metric Width:

527 mm
Exterior Dimension Metric Depth:

802 mm
Interior Dimension Height:

10 3/8″
Interior Dimension Width:

15 1/4″
Interior Dimension Depth:

Interior Dimension Metric Height:

264 mm
Interior Dimension Metric Width:

387 mm
Interior Dimension Metric Depth:

660 mm

664 lbs
Weight Metric:

301 kg


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